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Affordable gantry system delivered within 24 hours

Igus drylin room gantry systemWith its range of gantries built on its drylin E linear axis system, Igus can now offer a cost-effective, off-the-shelf gantry system with a fast turnaround. The gantry system comes complete with all motors ready installed, plus all required cables. Maintenance free, a drylin gantry system is available in line, flat and room configurations to address requirements from simple linear systems to complex, three-dimensional automation.

Utilising Igus’ proven tribo technology, a drylin E gantry system features sliding, self-lubricating linear components and therefore require no additional maintenance. Standard drylin E gantry system sizes are available for delivery within 24 hours, while a custom gantry system can be configured and requested online.

Used to implement three-dimensional applications, the drylin E room gantry is based on a flat gantry system with a single vertical axis. The room gantry system has a working space of 500x500x100mm and can carry payloads of up to 2.5kg. With an accuracy of up to 0.1mm and speeds of up to 0.5m/s, Igus says the room gantry system is ideal for general pick and place applications, including those found in the medical and microelectronics industries where specific placement and careful handling is essential.

A drylin E flat gantry system has a working space of 300x300mm and can lift loads up to 10kg. Speeds of up to 3m/s can be reached depending on the applied load with an accuracy of 0.5mm. As with the flat gantry system, the drylin E line gantry system can carry the same payloads but with a working space of 500x100mm, and speeds up to 1m/s with 0.2mm accuracy.

With the limit switch assembly housed within a T-slot in the gantry system, the complete length of the gantry’s profile can be used, enhancing its capabilities.

“The mechanical engineering sector and its suppliers face major global challenges,” says Rob Dumayne, director at Igus. “As competition intensifies further and price pressures increase, demand for local production is becoming greater. We offer competitive, gantry system solutions that automate tasks, which enables faster production capabilities.”

Visit the Igus website for more information on the drylin E gantry system.

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