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Automata Technologies launches £350 per month robot

151113_AutomataAutomata Technologies has introduced a game changing model for investment in robotics with its Eva lightweight robotic arm. Instead of the usually huge capital expense that is associated with robotics, the Automata Technologies solution comes as a service for a cost of £350 per month including hardware, software and support.

The company is calling it Robotics-As-A-Service (RAAS), which practically moves robotics from CapEx to an OpEx for its customers. The robot and the service are sure to raise the eyebrows of manufacturers who are looking to expand or re-shore their operations as costs of manufacturing in the Far East rise.

Automata Technologies co-founder Mostafa El-Sayed says: “This is truly a game-changer for both robotics and the small manufacturer. Eva is a high quality, high spec robot that doesn’t require a technical expert to programme it and doesn’t cost the earth. Best of all, it will help growing businesses save money in the long run.”

Eva boasts plug-and-play automation that the company says is dramatically simpler than existing industrial offerings and a fraction of the cost. Fellow founder Suryansh Chandra says: “Current industrial robots are designed for heavy industry tasks that require extreme power and precision. But people don’t work like that, and 93% of automatable tasks in manufacturing such as machine tending are still done by people on a daily basis. We designed Eva to make automation simple, quick and affordable, so people can leave the menial work to Eva and focus on more intelligent tasks.”

Eva is made of high-strength plastic, making it lightweight and inexpensive to manufacture compared to existing robots. Eva can be programmed by physically moving it through a task, which it can learn and re-run instantly without needing a computer or sophisticated programming.

Automata has already built a series of plug-and-play attachments for Eva such as grippers, mounts and machine specific handles. The company expects the number of available attachments to grow as Eva gets deployed across a range of use-cases. The company has already engaged with third party developers to develop attachments and software apps for specialised use-cases, akin to apps on smart-phones.

Visit the Automata Technologies website for more information.

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