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RS introduces ARISO contactless connectors

ARISO contactless connectorsRS Components has introduced a new range of ARISO contactless connectors from TE Connectivity. The ARISO contactless connectors provide a hybrid interconnection system that is based on contactless power and data technology and enables easy connectivity over a short distance without physical connection. ARISO contactless connectors bring many advantages such as design flexibility, unlimited mating cycles and reduced maintenance costs in robotics applications.

Unlike traditional mechanical cable connectors, ARISO contactless connectors use an inductive magnetic coupling system between transmitter and receiver (M30 x 80mm sized) and thereby do not require physical contact. ARISO contactless connectors are able to transfer data and power not only through air, but also across many different materials as well as fluids such as oil and water. ARISO contactless connectors will also automatically switch off in the event of a foreign metal object coming between the transmitter and receiver.

Designed to replace complex and expensive harness constructions and slip rings to enable connectivity where connections have previously not been possible, the ARISO contactless connectors series comprises five contactless male and female connectors that come with enhanced design specifications. There is also interchangeable dynamic pairing between the ARISO contactless connectors and they are capable of connecting with traditional systems via standard M12 cables.

The ARISO contactless connectors’ use of dynamic tuning means that the connectors are able to maintain a connection and avoid misalignment problems caused by shifts in movement. This freedom of movement includes 360° rotation, angular motion or a variable degree of distance between connectors. This results in a connection that is highly resistant to vibration, as well as making the devices ideal for on-the-fly connections, such as when connecting remote I/O or sensors on moving machine parts.

The ARISO contactless connectors are also designed to provide safe and reliable connectivity and offer unlimited mating cycles even in harsh environments via high vibration resistance and fully sealed couplers, which also means significantly reduced maintenance costs. This makes the ARISO contactless connectors highly suitable for conditions that are wet, dusty or contain debris and pollutants. The ARISO contactless connectors also provide a range of protection features including reverse polarity protection for power and data transmission, protection against over heating, and IP67 ingress protection.

Overall, with none of the wear and tear due to friction caused by traditional contacts, ARISO contactless connectors have a very high service life. This offers a whole new range of deployment opportunities providing increased design flexibility and cost savings.

The TE Connectivity ARISO contactless connectors range is now in stock at RS Components for immediate shipping.

Visit the RS Components website for more information on ARISO contactless connectors.

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