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FANUC highlights CR-7iA cobot at Foodex 2016

FANUC CR-7iA collaborative robotFANUC shared a stand with Abar Automation stand at this year’s Foodex Show, and visitors to the stand were handed a free can of soft drink by FANUC’s latest collaborative robot – the CR-7iA. Based on FANUC’s first mass produced collaborative robot – theCR-35iA – this new robot has a payload of 7kg and the mechanics correspond to that of the company’s popular LR Mate-series.

Collaborative robots – or cobots as most are affectionately known – are bringing the fences down in manufacturing and production facilities. Unlike early industrial robots that had to be isolated behind a protective cage, this new wave of robots comes equipped with sensors, vision and, in most cases, plenty of programmed self-control, enabling people and robots to work safely side-by-side.

Although collaborative robots don’t eliminate the need for workplace risk assessments, the increased adoption of peripheral safety devices is enabling robots and humans to work in close proximity of each other, eradicating the fear of interrupting production or worse, an accident.

Also on the stand, visitors were able to see high-speed packing and palletising using the R-1000iA. This slim line 5 axis palletising robot has large grippers and is capable of very high transfer speeds making it ideal for highly productive compact cells.

Visit the FANUC website for more information.

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