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Automata Technologies slashes the cost of robotics

171019_AutomataAutomata Technologies is launching Eva, an elegant, simple, affordable robot arm built for professionals. Eva costs just £4,990 while robotic arms of similar size cost over £20,000. Automata is now taking reservations for Eva on its website.

Eva has been in development for over two years and has been through over 18 versions, rigorous lifetime testing and it is now undergoing final testing. The first customers for these trials include a multinational automotive supplier, a leading producer of laboratory instruments and a British components manufacturer.

Suryansh Chandra, co-founder of Automata said: “Current industrial robots are designed for heavy industry tasks that require extreme power and precision. But people don’t work like that, and 90% of automatable tasks in manufacturing such as machine tending are still done by people on a daily basis.

“We designed Eva to make automation simple, quick and affordable, so people can leave the menial work to Eva and focus on more intelligent tasks.” Eva is Automata’s first step in achieving the mission of bringing the next revolution in manufacturing by making robotic automation affordable and simple.

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