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Schunk develops new gripping control modules

171002_SchunkSchunk has developed its modularly designed Schunk ECM controller for electrically driven gripping and rotary modules. With an input voltage of 24V or 48V and equipped with robust M12 standard plug connectors, it can be connected quickly and easily.

Control can be provided via Profinet, Profibus (up to 12Mbit/s) or CAN (up to 1Mbit/s). The Schunk ECM has a USB interface for commissioning and gripper parameterization via PC with the Schunk Motion Tool as well as for firmware updates. Alternatively, it can be put into operation in seconds without connecting a programming device. A USB stick can be parameterised for this purpose and addressing is done manually via an easily configurable rotary encoding switch. Initial module movements can be realized manually via a DIP switch.

The Schunk ECM is also equipped with an LED and 7-segment display for status display and error analysis. It also comes with four optional digital inputs and outputs. It is suitable for evaluating resolvers, encoders with an index, differential encoders and absolute-value transducers (SSI, EnDat). In particular, this enables the control of Schunk EGN, EZN and EVG grippers as well as the Schunk ERS rotary module. This can be used to freely program the stroke, speed, motor current or angular velocity and angular position. In addition, it is possible to pre-position the gripper fingers in order to shorten the cycle time.

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