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3D robot vision made easy

181009_RARThe latest introduction from RARUK Automation is Pick-it 3D Robot Vision that allows even the most complex 3D picking challenges to be set up and calibrated in a matter of minutes without the need for a robotic programming language.  It is a fixed price, plug-and-play product that can be set-up and operated by anyone and is suitable for use with all major brands of robot.

This vision system perfectly complements the growing range of automation products now available from RARUK Automation, allowing it to select the best combination of elements to provide the optimal solution. For example, Pick-it is approved and ready for integration with any of the company’s Universal Robot models.

Pick-it guides the robot to see, pick and place a wide range of products from bins, buffer tables, trays, conveyor belts, pallets and shelves.  The system’s unique 3D vision camera automatically detects the exact position, orientation and dimensions of the products to be picked.

The camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D images – a process of projecting a known pattern onto a scene. The way this pattern deforms allows Pick-it to calculate the depth and surface information of the target products. The advantage of this over a classic 2D camera is that it does not require special lighting and is immune to reflections.

Pick-it can find overlapping products of varying sizes and detect all colours and materials whether they be matte or glossy.  It will also keep working in changing or poor light conditions. As well as pick-and-place, the system is ideal for packaging and palletising, kitting and assembly and machine tending.

Apart from its simplicity, the big benefit of Pick-it is that it is a single product that has the potential to simplify the automation for a wide variety of production companies, large and small. Tried and tested for three years before being brought to market, this inexpensive and flexible 3D vision product is now available from RARUK Automation to help British manufacturers get the best return from their robot investment.

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