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Igus releases 2,046 new macros for Eplan

230104_IgusTo make the digital design of circuit diagrams even more effective, Igus is releasing 2,046 new macros for its Eplan planning software. The software extension allows users to visualise pre-assembled readycable cables in the software, cables that are not only compatible with drive components from Siemens, SEW and Bosch Rexroth, but now also with Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, B&R, Heidenhain and Fanuc components.

Eplan has becoming an increasingly popular digital aid for planning everyday projects in the creation of circuit diagrams and plant diagrams. One of the reasons for its popularity is an online database called Eplan DataPortal. Component manufacturers store macros for their products in the DataPortal, ie modules in a uniform data format, which can be dragged and dropped into the digital circuit diagram, without any adjustment.

The Eplan tool supports plant project planning from end-to-end planning to production, commissioning, maintenance, and servicing – and now it has even more macros, saving hours of design time.

“Thanks to the Eplan Electric P8 with its consistent, manufacturer-independent database, engineers save up to 50% time in electrical design,” says Justin Leonard, director of chain and e-chain products at Igus UK. “This is a real boost for the automation of electric circuit planning, which we want to support. We’ve therefore decided to expand the Eplan DataPortal by 2,046 new macros for pre-assembled readycable cables that are compatible with automation technology from Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, B&R, Heidenhain and Fanuc.”

Macros for cables for Siemens, SEW and Bosch Rexroth components were already available. “With this update, we want to offer design engineers globally even more opportunities for cost-effective automation solutions,” Leonard adds.

Accessing the new macros is easy and free. In the Igus online shop, engineers can select the correct pre-assembled cable for their e-chain from the readycable range – one of more than 5,000 ready-to-connect signal, encoder, servo, motor and or drive cables. If an Eplan macro is stored for this cable or line, it can be downloaded in seconds with a link to the Eplan DataPortal and used in the planning software. The macro also makes it possible to visualise the cable, including pin assignment and wire marking, and to link it in the circuit diagram with components from other manufacturers – as quickly and efficiently as playing a simple computer game. In addition, the cables used for an online order can be automatically included in a parts list.

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