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Refurbished robot parts carry full manufacturer’s warranty

100625_FanucA refurbished parts exchange service is now available from FANUC Robotics in the UK. Only available through the manufacturer, all refurbished FANUC robot parts are supplied with the same full warranty as new parts. Typical parts available as service exchange include electronic components such as motors, encoders, servos, boards and pendants.  In addition FANUC Robotics has extended the offering to include selected mechanical assemblies such as wrist joints.

Introducing the service Tom Bouchier, Service Manager FANUC Robotics, commented, “Our refurbished parts offer great savings over new parts and unlike refurbished parts from other [non FANUC] sources they meet all CE approval requirements having been tested in our own factory.  Plant uptime is always of prime importance to FANUC robot users and our factory refurbished parts provide the assurance equal to a new factory part.

“Environmentally this is a good service for us to offer customers – it makes our products more sustainable and reduces energy used in new manufacture.”

Visit the FANUC website for more information.

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