Astech Projects

Customised robotics and automation systems:

Astech Projects is an award-winning provider of advanced automated solutions. We work with clients worldwide to design and build robotics and automation systems that meet their unique requirements. Our automated systems are primarily used in regulated, advanced manufacturing industries and laboratories in a variety of markets such as consumer health, pharmaceutical, medical devices, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical.

From concept to completion

Our focus is on providing automation solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and which deliver the highest quality and reliability for each unique application. Within the business, we have teams that specialise in areas such as drug delivery testing, laboratory automation and industrial advanced manufacturing. Specific applications range from systems integration through to special purpose machinery.

Our services continue after a system is shipped and installed at a global location; we provide post-installation support and planned maintenance for the lifetime of the system. We hold TickIT and ISO 9001 accreditation and our quality processes include regular customer and third-party audits.

Laboratory Automation

Our Laboratory Automation group develops custom robotic and automation solutions for complex laboratory processes. Examples include automated liquid dispensing, powder handling, weighing, storing, reading, temperature/humidity control, sample preparation and handling. Astech can perform the software integration of commercially available instruments and ancillary equipment for common laboratory processes through the use of our proprietary scheduling and control software platform, Relovex®. We are fully committed to integration standardisation and are actively involved with the SiLA standards organisation.

Industrial Automation

Our Industrial Automation group focuses on custom robotics and automation applications including special purpose machinery and systems integration. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions to production and process inefficiencies. We employ the latest 3D design, 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and Proof of Concept techniques to de-risk the project before manufacture. We partner with the big names in industrial automation to integrate their components and sub-systems, providing robustness and reliability, delivering significant productivity and efficiency gains to our customers.

Drug Delivery Automation

Our established X-Product® range (Xelair®, Xelize®, Xelox®, Syringe-Pro)provides automation solutions for regulatory drug delivery testing requirements from dose content uniformity to particle size determination. We have automated solutions for inhaler shaking, weighing, shot detection and counter verification, sample recovery, flow generation, shot collection, function testing and many more. Our Syringe-Pro® system fully automates the sample preparation of Pre-filled Syringes for Dose Content Uniformity testing.

Automation Software

Astech are one of a select group of companies holding ISO TickIT accreditation for software development. Our Relovex® 2.0 product is our visual workflow processing tool that allows complete control over an integrated system of robots, instruments and devices along with any connections that may be required such as data collection or notification services. It can be thought of as a very easy to use, high level programming language that is designed to be used by anyone even if they do not have any coding skills, making it both flexible and powerful. It is easy to build and streamline your workflows using our simple and elegant “drag-and-drop” workflow editor. These workflows can be shared too, simplifying synchronisation across multiple automated platforms.

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