Universal Robots

Making robot automation accessible to all levels of industry:

Our company develops and sells industrial robots that automate and streamline, monotonous, and mundane industrial processes. We enable the production department to assign their staff to jobs they enjoy; jobs that provide them with a challenge and add value to the company.

Entering a robotics market characterised by heavy, expensive and cumbersome robots

The idea of creating a light and inexpensive robot, that is easy to install and programme arose in 2003. Kristian Kassow was working on an analysis of the requirements for robots in the food industry. Meanwhile, Esben Østergaard and Kasper Støy were working on a PhD project about the market for robots. Together, they discovered that the robotics market is characterised by heavy, expensive, and unwieldy robots. Based on their experience, they decided, with help from investor Syddansk Innovation, to establish Universal Robots with the intention of making robot technology available to all. In 2008, the Danish state investment fund saw the potential in the company and,together with Syddansk Innovation and the company’s management, they invested DKK 10 million in the business.

Industrial robots with a pay-back period of six months

If you have production tasks that could benefit from automation, our low-noise robot could be the perfect, simple solution for your business – providing financial, human, and technical benefits. The robot arm can be customized to meet your own unique requirements, and with an average payback period of as little as six months, costs are quickly recovered. Due to the user-friendly software, our robots can be applied to your production processes within a very short amount of time, while also being easy for the staff to operate.

The robots can also operate without safety shielding for most applications and this is true for 80 per cent of current installations. This is because that the robot stops when experiencing a force larger than 150 Newton (33.72 lb), and is therefore adhering to the “force and torque limitation” described in EN/ANSI/RIA/ISO 10218-1-2007 5.10, item 5.10.5.

Collaborative robots constructed to minimise the risk of breakdown

Our robots can be quickly re-programmed to handle other tasks; meeting most of the requirements of industrial enterprises and production companies. The robot’s construction minimises the risk of breakdown — but if the robot does, it is easy and quick to repair.

Universal Robot’s flexible, industrial robots will enable your company to produce small batches at a very competitive price.

We believe that the latest technology should be available to all.

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