Altec Engineering

Special Purpose Equipment Division:

Altec provides special purpose turnkey solutions to a wide range of applications including: Assembly, Welding, Inspection, Testing and Materials Handling.

Systems designed and built by Altec incorporate a diverse selection of processes and technologies such as Robots, Machine Vision, Ultrasonic Welding, M.I.G Welding, Infra-Red Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Etching, Leak Testing, Adhesive Dispensing, Riveting, Screw Driving and Press Systems. Altec designs and builds Electrical Control Systems and bespoke Functional Test systems in-house, and is also able to offer a Build to Print facility.

The key to success, when designing and building special purpose machinery, lies in the ability to interpret the customers requirements from the outset, invariably during the initial concept discussions. Having all of the necessary key skills and resources under one roof allows Altec to excel in this area, producing not only innovative machine concepts and designs, but delivering robust and highly efficient solutions.


A recent £1.5 M investment included the provision of a new 250m² clean area, which has significantly increased our capacity for Special Purpose Machine build. Altec currently provide systems to a number of industry sectors, including: Automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, Medical & Healthcare and White Goods.


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