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Robotics and automation solutions:

150618_RAR_2RARUK Automation is a long established expert in the supply of a wide variety of industrial robot and automation solutions for a myriad of customer applications.

Among the company’s portfolio is the Universal Robot range, which unlike a great deal of other industrial robotic equipment currently on the market is easy to use, reasonably priced, lightweight and extremely versatile. This range of collaborative six axis robots can be programmed to perform an impressive range of tasks with a high degree of accuracy (0.1 mm repeatability). The robots offer 360° rotation on all wrist joints and in the case of the desktop UR3 version, infinite rotation on the end joint. Also, as the Universal Robot is small and a great deal lighter than the majority of industrial robots, it can be installed safely in practically any working environment. It can also be transferred around the factory easily so the need for permanent fixture is minimal.

An important feature of the Universal Robot is its potential to offer collaborative working. This means it can operate without screening in unison with employees. The robots offer many adjustable safety settings, one of which is the company’s force sensing technology that enables the speed and forces to be reduced so that the robots stops on impact.

150618_RAR_1A further advantage of the Universal Robot is its easy programming capabilities. Anybody can be taught to use it thanks to a simple-to-understand graphical user interface which allows programming without any specialist training. The robot can often be up and running within a few hours of receipt.

Currently there are three robots in the range, the established UR10, UR5 and the recently introduced workbench-mounted UR3 for assembly, polishing, gluing and screwing applications. The model denominations reflect the maximum payloads of 10, 5 and 3 kg respectively.

To complement the Universal Robot package RARUK Automation can offer the complete range of Robotiq grippers. These are off-the-shelf products available in 2-finger and 3-finger configurations and are known for their ease of integration.   A notable model in the range is the 2-finger 85 which has been specifically designed for collaborative work in terms of payload, flexibility and user-friendliness.

150618_RAR_3Also available is the Robotiq FT-150 Force Torque Sensor which provides flexible handling and sensor feedback to the majority of industrial robots, and fully functional with the Universal Robot. This 6-axis Force Torque Sensor is designed for force and position control, and offers immunity from external noise.

Of course, robots are just one element of factory automation, and sister company RA Rodriguez can offer a plethora of other solutions to suit many customer applications. These include programmable linear axes from IEF Werner for industries such as nuclear, food and automotive, and a range of automated palletiser systems, again from IEF Werner, for demanding sectors such as pharmaceutical and electronic component handling. Whether high accuracy, high speed or continuous processing is required, a modular installation concept ensures flexibility to suit the specific demands of customers.

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