Scorpion Vision

Machine vision technology:

Scorpion Vision Ltd is a specialist machine vision company that develops automation components for the manufacturing industry. The components are used by leading automation companies to deliver systems for food processing and packing, for example.

The core technology is 3D machine vision which enables food handling and robotic systems to work with non-conforming products that are traditionally difficult to handle with standard sensors and vision systems.

Machine vision grew up in the automotive sector where parts are engineered to fine tolerances. It is for this reason that a robot or mechanical handling system ‘knows’ what to expect. Anything that doesn’t conform is an automatic failure, whether it’s the wrong part or a faulty part, either scenario is a failure.

This standard set of rules doesn’t work within the food industry where products are usually organic and have a life of their own. A loaf of bread on a production line may differ to the one preceding it in terms of 10s of millimetres in both shape and size. How can a rigid automation system deal with this variation?

The problem becomes really acute when robots are used to pick and pack. If each product varies significantly, and the robot is equipped with a standard 2D vision system that only works with X and Y coordinates, how can the robot be adapted to deal with food products that are by their very nature, never a standard?

Scorpion 3D Stinger technology deals with these problems by modelling the product mathematically in real time. Whether it’s a loaf of bread, mushrooms, meat, cheese, biscuits, chocolate bars, or any other dynamic product the 3D camera will image it, re-create it within the computer system and then send the right data to the robot or handling system.

The end result is a highly adaptable automation system that will work across any sector that doesn’t rely on strict parameters.

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