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Lighter robot offers longer reach and bigger payload

120722_RodriguezIf you’re looking for an entry level industrial robotic arm that offers a greater payload and a longer reach, then check out the Universal Robots UR10, available from RA Rodriguez.

The new robot can handle double the payload of its smaller counterpart, the UR5, but is much lighter. RA Rodriguez says it is therefore easier to re-locate than other robots in its class.

This mobility allows the long reach Universal Robot to be employed with the utmost flexibility for a range of tasks, a significant benefit that is complemented by easy programming. A specially developed graphic user interface means no expert programming is needed and this represents a significant implementation cost saving compared to traditional robots.

Programming is via touch-screen and set-up for a typical pick and place application generally takes just a few hours. The programmer is guided through the entire process by the interface and therefore can be accomplished even by someone with little programming experience.

The cost savings are enhanced by low power consumption, typically less than 350W for an average programme. It is also much quieter than more complex robots, indeed almost noiseless, and operates from a standard 240V supply.

The long reach Universal Robot with IP54 classification provides ±360 of movement on all six rotating joints; reach is 1300mm and it has a maximum payload of 10kg; footprint diameter is 190mm. Standard communication protocols include TCP/IP – Ethernet sockets, Modbus TCP and the injection moulding industry standard Euromap 67.

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