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Automata Technologies develops low cost robot

151110_Automata_2British start-up company Automata Technologies says it is democtrasing robotics with the introduction of Eva – a lightweight, low cost, easy to use six axis robotic arm. Although Eva is still under development, Automata Technologies says it is aiming at a 600mm full span radius, extendable with a gantry. Maximum payload will be 0.75kg, and maximum speed 100° per second, or 1000mm per second at full stretch.

Weighing less than 2.5kg, Eva is incredibly light, making the Automata Technologies robot easy to deploy. Automata Technologies has designed Eva as a benchtop robot, with precision down to a single millimetre, and operation through a full 360°. For ease of use, the Automata Technologies robot uses a 12V power supply and connects over USB or wireless, being ready to go the moment it’s plugged in.

Programming of the robot is accomplished by Choreograph, with Automata Technologies says is so simple you won’t even need a computer. Being app based, the software will be available regardless of what platform you’re on, and Automata Technologies has designed it to just work out of the box. Further, Automata Technologies says you can just move Eva through a task, and the robot learns – no skills required.

The Choreograph software is still under development, but Automata Technologies has designed it as a lightweight, cross-platform, standalone application for Windows, iOS and Android. There are also plugins for Rhino, Maya and Processing, while Automata Technologies says C++, .NET and Open APIs can provide further extensions.

151110_AutomataAutomata Technologies was founded in January 2015 by Mostafa ElSayed and Suryansh Chandra who, having worked at the intersection of design, technology and digital manufacturing for over seven years and understand the challenges and opportunities this space presents.

The founders of Automata Technologies say the goal is to democratise robotics for both SME and consumer markets by providing affordable and easy to use robotics and software. “We believe robotic automation can bring a huge amount of creativity in addition to enhancing productivity to small businesses and individual users. Over the coming years, these will change the way we live and work.

“But first, these robots need to become a whole lot easier to use, safer to work beside, and substantially more affordable. Eva is our first product in our commitment to meet those goals, by being a low-cost, easy to use and lightweight robotic arm. We like to think of Eva as an assistant that can give you a helping hand in a variety of uses whether you’re a business, hobbyist, or an educator.”

Automata Technologies says the target price for the Eva robot is $2500 to $3500. Visit the Automata Technologies website for more information.

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