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Fanuc launches compact robot for welding and handling

171019_FanucFanuc UK has launched a new compact six-axis robot for processes that involve high payloads and short cycle times, particularly in confined spaces.

The R-1000iA/130F is capable of handling payloads of up to 130kg and is suitable for spot welding, palletising, loading and unloading, and material handling processes on factory floors where space is at a premium.

The robot’s arm includes a motor, I/O and a compressed air system, which prevent snagging and interference. It also benefits from Fanuc’s CNC-based drives and controls for precise, accurate and uninterrupted production.

Andrew Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at Fanuc UK, said: “Fanuc works with many sub-contractors and manufacturers in the UK who operate from crowded and confined premises. The R-1000iA/130F is the perfect solution for these businesses, not just because of its compact design, but because of its flexibility and strength, which means that it can be put to use in whatever way it is needed.

“At Fanuc, our message is clear: automation isn’t just for the big players. Any business, from the established subcontractor, to the up-and-coming manufacturing SME, can benefit from automated solutions. Furthermore, by partnering with Fanuc, businesses such as these can be sure that they have the knowledge and expertise behind them to achieve lights-out, unmanned production, whatever their processes may be.”

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