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Omron installs two new robot production lines

171002_OmronFurther growth in demand for Omron’s robotics business has been the key driver to install two new production lines at its European state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The company says local production of parallel robots will enable it to focus on improved productivity, rapid response and shorter lead times.

Pictured: Tom Mathias (right), president and CEO at Omron Adept Technologies, and Terry Hannon (left), chief marketing officer at Omron Adept Technologies, officially open the new production lines.

Paul Sollewijn Gelpke, general manager at Omron for manufacturing and supply chain in Europe and North America, said: “The manufacturing sector is always challenged to cut operating costs and shorten supply cycles. Production sites around the world are striving to improve productivity and increased deployment of labour-saving robots is one of the solutions.

“This growth in demand in our robotics business has been the key driver in installing two new production lines at our production site in Den Bosch, in the Netherlands. The production of parallel robots locally enables us to improve productivity, respond rapidly to shorter lead times and customer needs in the region.”

Omron says that the development of innovative and powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation is at the core of its business. Through the plant in Den Bosch, Omron is now able to offer the development of the Hornet and Quattro Series parallel robots to help machine builders and system integrators add efficient pick-and-place capabilities to their packaging and small parts assembly line projects.

With a pick rate of 300 per minute the Quattro is said to be the world’s fastest and most flexible parallel pick and place robot. With its four arms, the Omron Quattro also offers a larger working envelope and a degree of manipulation not achievable elsewhere.

Paul Sollewijn Gelpke adds: “By adding robotics technology to our manufacturing site in the Netherlands, we are very well positioned to provide automotive, digital device, food and beverage and packaging manufacturers with solutions to these global challenges.”

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