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Hire or buy a robot from just £60 per day

210113_BotsHiring a cobot can be a highly cost-effective way to automate your workforce, and Bots UK is offering a Kassow robot for just £60 per day, including training for up to five people.

Kassow cobots are designed to work quickly with high payloads and an intuitive user-interface. A highly capable cobot ready to use from the first minute, it very quickly becomes an in disposable members of your workforce. The 7-axis cobot can easily be integrated with your current team’s And due to the very easy nature of programming it can be setup and in use in a very small timeframe. The Easy-to-use tablet makes it easy to program and quickly becomes second nature.

Kassow Robots are designed to collaborate closely with people and are designed for the challenges of day-to-day work working alongside colleagues to help make things easier. Typical applications for the cobot include soldering, screwing, painting, pick and place, packaging, hand tool operations, laboratory work, fume hood tasks and many more. Your commitment is as little as one day, and as well as on-site training you get 24/7 support.

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