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Cable and hose protection on gantry robots

220530_Kabel_1The moving gantry units installed by Cimcorp employ cable carriers from Kabelschlepp Metool, making it possible for the cables and hoses to move reliably and safely despite the high accelerations.

The moving gantry units are controlled using feed drives, with one installed on each side of the gantry. Thanks to this modular overhead gantry concept, the robotics solutions can cover large working areas. The Cimcorp systems are used in production and distribution centres in over 40 countries on six continents.

To reduce the handling and picking times in intralogistics, the systems have to move reliably with high speeds and accelerations. This is where cable carriers from Kabelschlepp Metool come into play. They ensure reliable and safe movement of the cables and hoses while taking the complex parameters into account. The long travel lengths of the gantry units are equipped with a gliding hybrid MC0650 cable carrier: the combination of a plastic cable carrier and an RS aluminium profile offers maximum stability and reliability. In addition, Cimcorp use special OFFROAD glide shoes that reduce wear on the cable carrier.

220530_Kabel_2The media required for controlling the 3D shuttle units, which act as grippers for goods and products, are reliably guided with cable carriers from the BASIC LINE series, depending on their size. In this case, Cimcorp uses the UNIFLEX Advanced 1455 and 1555 cable carriers.

“We are pleased to have Kabelschlepp Metool as a partner by our side,” says Mika Laine, product manager for gantry robots at Cimcorp. “In all these years, there were hardly any problems with the cable carriers. And when something did not go quite as planned, the service was fast and good.”

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