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CubeBOX redefines efficiency in CNC machining

231120_TekmezTezmaksan Robot Technologies has announced the release of CubeBOX – a range of automation solutions designed to facilitate production without operators in machine tending.

The CubeBOX systems integrate with control units and robots, irrespective of manufacturer or communication protocol and enable the automated loading and unloading of CNC machines. The CubeBOX system is characterised by its lean and flexible design, comprising a workpiece stocking area and a robotic arm, with the key differentiator being its powerful CNC programming software, RoboCAM.

All CubeBOX systems are integrated with RoboCAM, Tezmaksan’s automation software. RoboCAM simplifies the integration process, eliminating the need for prior robot programming knowledge. Operators can easily upload product placements with drawing files and RoboCAM translates these into a language that the robot can understand and execute.

The CubeBOX system’s primary benefit is its uninterrupted operation. Capable of running 24 hours a day, night shift efficiency can improve by 50 per cent compared to manual CNC tending. This heightened productivity enables manufacturers to optimise their production output – ultimately reducing lead times and enhancing overall efficiency.

The most popular model, CubeBOX Blues DR, comes with essential standard equipment, including a 6-axis industrial robot, dual light curtains for safety, adjustable drawers, safety fence with interlock, gripper sets and RoboCAM automation software. Additional options include CubeBOX Servo Door automation and tool changer.

The CubeBOX Pallet Pool can manage up to 24 pallets and 16 tools using a single unit. Pallets are arranged in a compact circle in front of the machine and a 6-axis robot handles the loading and unloading process – resulting in reduced operator intervention.

Another model, CubeBOX Blues RT, is designed for use with lathes and vertical machining centers. This system employs two pallets for part loading and can tend to one or two CNC machines. An important advantage of this model is its capacity to stack two pallets on top of each other, enhancing throughput without requiring additional factory space.

An additional Tezmaksan model is the CubeBOX Space Cabinet, equipped with three drawers for storing products. These products are efficiently unloaded by a 6-axis robot. This setup minimises the need for frequent restocking and the ergonomic design of the CubeBOX Space Cabinet allows easy access to the drawers when restocking is required.

“There are ten different models in the CubeBOX range and the system can benefit any company utilising CNC machines,” explains Hakan Aydogdu, general manager at Tezmaksan. “Manufacturers quickly notice performance and output improvements, with the ROI typically ranging from six to twelve months. Given these compelling advantages, it comes as no surprise that we’ve already secured contracts in 36 countries.”

With the CubeBOX series already delivering benefits to sectors such as automotive, casting, aviation and metalware manufacturing, its significance is clear. Tezmaksan’s advanced technologies represent a pioneering stride in the world of automation and delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of today’s manufacturers.

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