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OMRON enters partnership with Lowpad for AMRs

231128_Omron_2OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies and Lowpad have announced a strategic partnership to expand OMRON’s line of mobile robots with Lowpad’s low-profile product offering.

OMRON is a leader in the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) industry, serving a broad range of industrial customers with payload requirements from 60 kg to 1500 kg. In parallel, Lowpad has built a leading position in low-profile mobile robots for retail and logistics. Lowpad’s products provide profiles between 80 and 130 mm with integrated lift, allowing them to handle racks, trollies, and pallets used to automate manual transport across a wide variety of industries.

Under the strategic partnership, OMRON will promote and sell customised versions of Lowpad’s robots through its global sales network under the OMRON brand. Lowpad’s products will be integrated with OMRON’s industry-leading FLOW Core software, allowing autonomous operation and a single point of control for fleets of up to 100 mobile robots. Combining Lowpad’s hardware and OMRON’s fleet management software enables a highly flexible solution for smart factory transportation.

OMRON AMRs are already widely used for parts and product transport in the e-mobility, digital, food and commodity, and medical industries. Lowpad brings a strong presence in the warehouse and logistics industries, where their low-profile AMRs make them an ideal solution for transporting roll cages, pick carts, pallets, and trollies. Similar requirements are growing rapidly in factory automation, with a projected 60% CAGR in low-profile robots through 2025.

“We are delighted to complete this new strategic alliance with Lowpad,” said Olivier Welker, president and CEO of OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies. “Lowpad’s line of low-profile solutions are the perfect complement to OMRON’s existing portfolio. It’s also a strong cultural fit, with our teams working very well together. This partnership represents a true win-win for our companies and our customers.”

Jan Bakker, CEO of Lowpad, added: “OMRON’s footprint in robotics and industrial automation is an excellent fit for Lowpad. We’ve built a strong and growing position in retail and logistics, and are excited to leverage this new partnership with OMRON to expand further in factory automation. This alliance allows our respective companies to focus on the markets that we know best, accelerating growth for both organisations.”

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