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Igus robotic highlights at the Hannover fair

150415_Igus_1If you’re looking for collaborative robots at a price that’s affordable, Igus’ Robolink D robot comes in at just €1500. Where the first generation relied on wires, the new D generation uses directly driven joints. The new generation Robolink D robots were one of the highlights of the Igus stand at the Hannover Fair.

The robots are built up from Robolink D articulated joints are motor-driven slewing ring bearings (iglidur PRT) in a plastic housing. The drive component is a worm gear. The centre bore remains free for feeding cables through. The articulated joints can be ordered with or without motor.

Retraction system for small robots

Another innovation on the Igus stand was an extension to the Triflex Retraction System; Triflex RSE a new linear retraction system offering a lightweight, economic design. It is specifically tailored for use with robots with small to medium load capabilities, and makes it possible to actively prevent loops in the robot’s work area, even in highly dynamic applications.

Retraction distances of up to 500mm are possible with Triflex RSE. The retraction system  is delivered pre-assembled with fixed end on the left or the right.

Visit the Igus website for more information.

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Download the Hannover Messe 2015 robotics review here (PDF 1Mb).

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