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FANUC robotic golf cell highlights precision at PPMA

150824_Fanuc_2FANUC UK showcased the capabilities of robots with intelligent vision at the PPMA Show, with a robotic golf cell that will give a masterclass in precision putting.

The golf cell featured a FANUC LR Mate 200iD human arm sized mini robot, with both 2D and 3D iRVision technology. The LR Mate 200iD robot will pick and place a ball, and then putt the ball – accurately achieving a hole-in-one each and every time.

Equipped with a Schunk tool changer and 3D iRVision sensors the robot will first select a vacuum gripper and then pick up a ball from the bin to drop on to the green. Having placed the ball on the green, the robot will change its end effector to a golf club.

Before taking a swing, the iRVision colour 2D camera detects the colour of ball to determine the direction of the putt – one colour ball is putted to the base of the windmill and another colour ball is projected through the windmill then into the FANUC lettering. Using the robot’s eyes, the ball is accurately struck – achieving a hole-in-one. The complete golf cell is under the control of a FANUC high performance R-30iB robot controller – the robot’s brain.

150824_Fanuc_1The LR Mate 200iD is the lightest mechanical unit in its class, and is easy to integrate into a machine cell either upright or mounted upside down on the machine frame. A high rigidity arm and the most advanced servo technology enable smooth motion without vibration, even in high-speed operations. Special models are available to meet the demanding environmental requirements of food, wash-down, cleanroom and arc welding applications.

The quirky FANUC golf cell featured in the robot feature area at the PPMA Show and was one of five pick & place and palletising robots showcased.

Visit the FANUC website for more information.

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